• $213.65 = 1 ETH
  • EUR/ETH 180.75
  • RUB/ETH 12781.87
  • GBP/ETH 165.24
  • AUD/ETH 270.63


1. Register and verify your account.

2. Go to Exchange page and choose type of currency you want to spend.

3. Choose type of currency you want to receive.

4. Type in money amount you want to spend.

5. Press button Continue.

6. Fill in all essential information into the boxes marked with *.

7. Read and agree with Terms & Conditions and press button Continue.

8. Complete a payment using details provided in order description,those you can find in your Dashboard section.

9. Please wait while our operator will check your payment.

10. Check realtime status of your order over Dashboard.

A. You can verify your account following this page , but you will have to sign up first.

Our General requirements are the following:

Here You can verify Your account. Your current status is: Verified

To verify your account you will need to upload required documents. All uploaded documents must meet all of the following requirements:

1. Selfie photo in high resolution in front of the mirror holding in hands Government issued photo ID (passport is preferable).

2. Utility bill for gas, electricity, landline phone (please note we can only accept landline and not mobile phone bills) or bank statement (must be a physical letter rather than an online statement) in high resolution.

3. Photocopy or a scan of the same photo ID used in paragraph 1 in high resolution.

4. Other kind Governemnt issed photo ID's copy like driving license or national ID card in high resolution. (This field will not be essential if all 3 mentioned paragraphs will meet our inquiries.)

A. It’s all depends of chosen type of exchange.

A. To get full access for all types of currencies you’ll definitely need to verify your account. In some specific cases you can complete exchange without verified account.

A. That means your account is not approved yet and you will have some restrictions to use our services.

A. Yes,there are. For beginning you can’t exchange more than 500$ per 1 month.

A. You’ll need to upload few copies of specific documents to confirm your identity.

A. Usually verification process takes from 2 to 48 hours. Verification time may vary due to specific place of residence.

A. We accept scanned copy of passport and utility bills in good resolution. For further information please go here.

A. No,if you already did a payment using details provided in order description,then this order is considered as completed and can't be canceled.

A. According to our rules it is only possible if payment wasn't sent out within 48 hours after submiting order with our service.

A. Invent random symbol password and remember it, if you loose it you can always recover the pass via email.

A. You can restore it using our Username reminder service.

A. You can restore it using our Password recovery service.

A. Just as with banks and other financial institutions, PayBis follows the rules and principles on the fight against money laundering. We reserve the right at any time to ask the evidence / proof of your address, or your personality, to provide uninterruptible operation. We will inform you in a timely manner if the need appears.

Under the rules of the ID document data validation, verification can be successfully completed if the conditions of downloaded files will match our criteria: all files must be in high resolution (at least 150 dpi), on the picture with ID document should be captured only you.

1. User's selfie picture in front of a mirror holding in hands his ID document should be in high resolution.

2. Scanned copy of ID document or a picture of it should be in high resolution.

A. Just as with banks and other financial institutions, PayBis follows anti-money laundering guidelines and regulations. At some point in your time with us we may need to ask for address or ID proof in order to process your payments. Should we need this, we will notify you during the payment process.

In order to verify your address all documents should match listed creterias: full, readable and clear copy of the documents clearly showing your address and the date in the case of a letter. Documents should not be older than 3 months. Documets must be in colour high resolution (at least 150 dpi), all documents are issued in English (or Latin letters,otherwise certificated translation should be provided), all documents must be standard full-sized page (uncropped).

1. Utility bill - gas, electricity, phone (please note we can only accept landline and not mobile phone bills).

2. Bank or credit card statement (Must be a physical letter rather than an online statement).

3. Council tax or HMRC notification.

4. Other government or financial institution issued document.

A: The following Exchange Directions are available:

WebMoney -> OkPay (Automatic)

WebMoney -> PayPal (Manual)

WebMoney -> Money Gram (Manual)

Web Money -> Western Union (Manual)

PayPal -> Web Money (Automatic)

OkPay -> Web Moeney (Automatic)

Money Gram -> Web Money (Manual)

Western Union -> Web Money (Manual)

In order to make an Exchange Order please follow the process:

1. Home Page: Select a trade direction you need (e.g. PayPal -> Web Money) and enter the amount in "You Spend" or "Your Recieve" fields and press Continue.

2. Next you will be navigated to Order Details View: Please check that all information is correct and enter your WMZ Purse Nr into "Your WEBMONEY USD account details" field. (i.e. Z1234567890).

3. Read and if you agree check the "Terms and Conditions" checkbox.

4. Next you will be redirected to Payment system gateway (i.e. PayPal Payment web page). Enter your credentials there and proceed. Please note that you are entering credentials not on our website but on the Payment provider that you are using (i.e. PayPal). We do not have access to your accounts in any way.

5. As Result, you will be redirected back to PayBis page, review all info once again and press Pay with Payment Method button (i.e. Pay with PayPal). Afterwards your order will be processed and money transfered to our account.

6. You will get email notifications about your order.

6a. If Exchange direction was Automatic, then payout will be made within 5-15 minutes.

6b. If Exchange direction was Manual, then payout will be made by our operators within 2-3h during our working time, or latest in 24h from payment date during our Workdays.

7. After PayOut has been made, you will recieve email confirmation as well.

In case of any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us via Online Chat or Sending a message.

  • If you are selling US Gift Card for the first time on our website, please be aware that your transaction will be put on hold while we are processing it.
  • The processing time will take up to 24 hours if the card's balance is <100$ or up to 48 hours if the card's balance is 101$-300$.
  • However, we will reconsider the waiting time with each subsequent transaction.
  • For all cards we require physical card picture and cash receipt, no exceptions made.
  • Please note, in very rare cases the processing time could be longer then 48h, but you will be informed about that by email.
  • Please notice that we are working only with US residents.
  1. Choose type of the card from the list.
  2. Enter "Amount you deposit".
  3. Press "Start Exchange" button.
  4. Upload a photo of your card and a photo of your receipt.
  5. That's it!
What will happen with the pictures of my documents after I send them to You? How will these pictures be used? where do you store them and how can I be sure they won't be used to make me potential harm in future?

The photos that you upload are then shared with 3rd party partner to for KYC/AML and Document verification checks.
We can’t disclose the company name for security reasons, but the company is a worldwide leader in this segment.

The documents are stored on a secure server without public access to internet for safety reasons, even you after uploading the documents do not have an access to them to ensure that in case your account at had been compromised, nobody would be able to get access to your personal information.

We are operating under European Union Data Protection Laws and are regulated by http://www.dvi.gov.lv/en/ with registration number #004344 as well as we are licensed as MSB in United States of America and are bound by United States Privacy Act.