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Credit card payment option is back! Use your Visa or MasterCard now!

Dear Customers, after a little break credit card payment option is back. You can now use you Visa or MasterCard credit card to buy Ethereum from us  Hurry up to make your purchase now, we think next year Ethereum will be worth around $7000 per 1 BTC (read more)

Special Offer! Cashout your Ethereum for Market Price!

Dear Customers, Special Promo! Sell your Ethereum per market rates to us, meaning we charge 0% comission! Get paid via Bank Transfers, Money Gram, Western Union, ePay, Payeer and Yandex Money! Limited time offer, dont miss your chance while Ethereum is high in price! (read more)

Credit Cards temporary not accepted

Dear Customers! We apologize but Credit Card services is temporary not available until further notice! We are very sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused! (read more)

Yandex Level 1 verification updated

Dear cgvmart Clients, Due to increased fraud risk we had to update Yandex Level1 verificatin requirements. As result some of your verifications & transactions have been rejected and additional info request. We are sorry for any inconveniance this may have caused.  (read more)

Mastercard cards temporarily not supported

Dear customers, Due to some technical problems, MasterCards are temporarily not supported by our processing partner. The problem shall be fixed within the next few days. P.S. VISA and Maestro cards are working properly. (read more)

PayPal is temporarily unavailable

Dear visitors and customers, We would like to inform you that PayPal payment method will be temporarily unavailable for buy and sell offers. We are doing our best to bring it back as soon as possible.   (read more)

Delays in BTC transactions

Dear customers, Due to a big amount of unconfirmed transactions on blockchain, it might take longer than usual for Ethereum transactions to get confirmed (this applies for both incoming and outgoing transactions). At the moment, there are around 100 000 unconfirmed transactions, which you can view here: https://blockchain.info/unconfirmed-transactions We hope it will be resolved soon. (read more)

Reduced Fee for AdvCash -> Ethereum, now just 2%

Dear cgvmart Clients! We are happy to announce that we have reduced our commission for Advanced Cash to Ethereumexchange to 2%. Looking forward to see you!   (read more)

New cool promo materials have been added – grab yours now!

Dear cgvmart.com Clients and Webmasters,   New promo materials have been added to our Referral Program. Now cgvmart.com banners are covering the following sizes: 468x60, 160x90, 300x250, 728x90, 712x80. Banners are available in English and Russian languages, more languages and promo materials will be added soon. You are welcome to drive more traffic to our website and get lifetime commission from every exchange that your referral makes. If you have lot of traffic please, contact isers@vmEthereum.com for special commission rates and offers. We can work out some special terms for big webmasters.   Few banner examples: (read more)

Fees slashed by 50%! Spend your Gift Cards to buy Ethereumor other digital currency!

Dear cgvmart.com clients, We are happy to announce that we have slashed our fees for spending Gift Cards balance by 50%! Now you can use any Gift Card to purchase Ethereumor other digital currencies. The best rate offer is for Amazon gift card. Don’t hesitate to create your first transaction right now. Please be aware that this service is available to USA residents only. Please be aware that processing time may be up to 24h for Gift Cards worth up to $100 and 48h for Gift Card worth up to $300 (read more)